Submissions Now Open

We are currently accepting any and all creative fiction for consideration for our first publication (due some time January 2017)! If you are an avid writer or even if you simply dabble, please, consider submitting! It would be a great chance for you to get your name out there, and wouldn’t it be cool to have a copy to show your friends and family?!

Here are the submission guidelines for our first publication:

  1. You can submit up to 10 pages of poetry and three short prose pieces, no more than 10 pages each.
  2. Email each piece in an individual word document WITHOUT your name in the document; and in your email, tell us which attachments are prose and which are poems.
  3. Email your submissions to the following!


In order for your submission(s) to be considered, you must follow these guidelines. Our team of editors will be going through a lot of pieces, so your assistance in adhering to these three points is greatly appreciated.We do not – nor will we ever – charge a submission fee, nor do we rank our stories in order of importance.Thank you all for your support, and we look forward to seeing some great work soon!

Letter from the Editor

Dear readers, submitters, and curious folk alike,

I’ve always been awful at missing people -utterly and completely terrible at it. I’ve been lucky enough to live in dozens of cities and countries across this darling earth and I’ve been even luckier to fall in love with the vast number of people I’ve met. Unfortunately, I’ve had to leave everyone I’ve ever loved as well. I’ve always wished for one thing and one thing only, and that was to bring all of the people who’ve ever made me feel alive, youthful, electric, comforted, not alone, appreciated, and sublimely happy in one place and that’s what I plan to do with 1932 Quarterly. 1932 Quarterly is my way of having everyone I’ve ever loved -from Seattle to London to Philly to Vienna and everywhere in between- in one place. At least between the covers of 1932 Quarterly they’ll all be in one place and it will bridge the distance gap. So this is about bringing unlikely people together and building an everlasting bond and it has been such a beautiful and fulfilling endeavor so far.

-Layla Lenhardt