State of the Journal: Summer 2018

While there is no excuse for our noticeable absence as of late, we hope you understand. As this is an entirely volunteer-based small press, life aside from 1932 takes precedence, and recently, life has been hitting the staff regularly and often.

In addition to various unfortunate and uncontrollable circumstances away from the journal, we have been exasperated by technical issues, further postponing two (amazing) issues — Autumn and Winter 2017.

If you have work accepted to appear in either of these two aforementioned prints, rest assured we will be working tirelessly in the coming weeks to solve our technical problems in order to edit, publish, and distribute these long overdue beauties.

We will also adopt a policy of complete transparency as we progress toward distribution. Our supporters — readers and contributors, alike — will be updated once we begin copy editing and, again, once the final copy reaches our publisher.

Additionally, as excited as we were for the new aesthetic, we are officially bypassing the “Spring 2018” issue in an effort to return to our established schedule. Therefore, all “Spring 2018” submissions will now be considered for “Summer 2018.”

If you have submitted to our open call for “Summer 2018” in the past few days, those submissions will now be considered for our “Autumn 2018” issue. After these few cycles, our production will resume as normally advertised.

Since we are officially accepting submissions for Autumn 2018, our social media and website will be updated soon to reflect an autumn aesthetic. However, we will also be revealing the official image for Summer 2018, which will appear on the cover.

We hope this answered all new and lingering questions you may have had; however, as always, feel free to email any additional questions to, and we will respond as promptly as possible.

Thank you, again, for your continued support and for your patience.

Layla, Benjamin, Kori, Annelise, and Lexie