If you have a passion for creative arts, for learning about the editing process, and/or for reading in general, please consider joining us as an Associate Editor.

We aren’t necessarily seeking out polished editors as the works we publish are emotionally raw as well, and you don’t have to have a degree in order to “apply.” Several members of our staff are still in college, pursuing varying academic interests such as creative writing, neuroscience, and communication arts. But, we all share a few things in common:  We all have our own story and hoped to write a chapter together.

If interested, please reach out to our Editor-in-Chief, Layla Lenhardt, simply telling her why you think you’d make a good addition to the 1932 family. The position can be used as a resume builder, as an internship, for college credit, and we hear Layla writes a kickass letter of recommendation. And, while all editorial positions are unpaid, it will be such a rewarding experience, we promise!


Current Design Team

Julia Nadovich
Lauren Markish
Lauryn Halahurich
Kristen Lucente

Current Associate Editors

Shannon Adams
Julia Alvarez
Zach Benjamin
Megan Bolger
Samantha Campbell
Rosie Corey
Brent Herman
Ali Jacobs
Jessica Kerr
Christina Kosch
Lauren Lamm
Kayla Marasia
Lauren Markish
Ashley Nave
Christine Nicholson
Lucia Orellana
Ben Priolo
Annelise Rice
Sarah Royds
Lisa Stice
Carina Stopenski
Aley Underwood
Vivian Wagner
Ke’alohi Worthington